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Using well established trading processes, Camaro Inc. provides well developed and globally accepted procedures with multi-stage protection via the contracts, back-up probing (POF) and testing-verifying (POP) procedures. Between the 1980s and 1990s, the company’s main trading products ranged between Fuel Oils, Jet Fuel and Petrochemicals.

In the 1990s, it expanded its trading activity to Crude Oil, LPG and LNG. From the 2000s and till today, the company’s operations and partners have been growing and expanding, which has helped the company establish itself as a strong source of Crude Oil and its products. Camaro Inc. is a trader that buys, sells, transports, stores and delivers the products internationally according to its clients’ needs.



Camaro Inc. runs a significant naval of oil products tankers for short and long distance deliveries. Our incorporated approach to logistics boosts operational efficiency by simplifying complex unexpected opportunities, allowing us to benefit and appeal to our customers.

Camaro Inc.’s shipping operations corresponds to strict international safety and environmental protection standards and matches industry standards across the world. Our team regularly checks and updates our policies to abide by the new rules and regulations being created, which then conducts an assessment within the appropriate industrial and regulatory bodies. Capitalizing on our established connections with leading logistics, shipping and storage companies throughout the world allows us to provide time-sensitive outcomes that are satisfactory to our customers’ desires and objectives.


Trade Finance

Camaro Inc.’s young, experienced and professional team contains expert individuals that work on trade finance. They deliver excellent solutions to the financing requirements of our company and customers. Based on the many decades of involvement in trading oil and its products, we have formed excellent banking relationships from major banks with global coverage.

These connections have boosted our status, supporting our strong corporate structure guaranteeing practical and justifiable sharing of risks and external factors between our honored partners and customers in association to Camaro Inc. Stability and Consistency are our focal targets.