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We rely on strong relationships with many of the NOCs and producing companies in the
Middle East, Africa and Russia to supply refineries around the world with crude oil of varying
grades. We are committed to securing the needs of our clients, whereby we deliver the crude
oil required by them to any destination around the world.


We depend on our experience and real-time analytics to deliver fuel oil to our clients
around the world, whether they need them for marine bunkering, power generation or refinery
feedstock, by sourcing them from refineries and other producers according to their specific


Gasoline is very essential for transportation today, and we understand that our clients
rely on us to deliver on time the required quantity and grade according to the region. We are
committed to delivering gasoline to our clients around the world according to their
requirements by leveraging our strong relationships with suppliers and refiners worldwide.


Our international operating team associates the key producing countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe with the requirements of our clients from Africa, North & South America, Asia, and Europe. We maintain a strong, varied and adaptable system of logistics which supports our trading activities and permits us to react swiftly to changes in the market and to our consumers’ requests.


Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)'s use has rapidly expanding since the last decade, whereby it provides a cleaner alternative for energy prodution. We supply our clients, by sourcing the LNG from major producers such as Qatar and Russia, from power generation companies to manufacturing plants.


Our Middle Distillates products include diesel, jet fuel, gas oil, and marine bunkers. We
understand how essential these products are to our clients’ businesses, hence we ensure that
we deliver to our clients, on time, the right quantity and quality of the required product,
wherever they desire these products to be delivered to.


We realize that there is strong demand for bitumen, especially in developing countries,
and we are taking advantage of this opportunity by expanding into the bitumen trade, through
our strong relationships with both the suppliers and our clients who demand bitumen.


Through our strong relationships with producers and suppliers, we are willing to provide
petrochemical or other products such as Coal, Sulphur… to our clients, depending on their
needs. We ensure that we deliver the products required on time, with the right specifications
and with the best price we can obtain.