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Camaro Inc. is a leading commodity trading company established in the early 1980s in Geneva, Switzerland, which specializes in the trade of Crude Oil, LPG and LNG, Fuel Oils (Marine, Industrial and Heating fuels) in addition to Gasoline, Jet Fuel and other products (Bitumen, Coal, Sulphur...). With its operations spanning the globe, Camaro Inc. works in reference to the international standards in trading, trade finance, risk management and operations.

Camaro Inc. boasts a professional team with over 40 years of experience in the industry, which falls in line with the owners’ vision of building a world class organization that will have a leading role in the industry for years to come, regardless of the conditions that are constantly changing.


Camaro Inc. aims to provide its clients with a world-class reliable trading service that satisfies their demands in the most efficient manner wherever they are. Camaro Inc. thrives to add value to both its shareholders, and its partners through its operations


We aim to deliver value to all our customers across the globe through our experience, network, connections, and history with the National Oil companies and major trading houses. With integrity, determination and a strategic network throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, our goal is to become the leading player in these regions.

Through our local market knowledge and partnerships, our competitive pricing, professional management team, and global and local Financing, becoming the preferred partner for our customers is our ambition.


  1. Professional World Class Services
  2. Strategic Partnerships
  3. Customer Satisfaction and Reliability
  4. Integrity
  1. Experience
  2. Team Work
  3. Determination and Focus
  4. Health, Safety and the Environment